Weimar Sepsis Update, 11-13 September, 2019

13. August 2019

Adrenomed will co-host the symposium “Beyond Standard of Care – New Perspectives on Vascular Integrity in Shock” on September 13th, 12:00-13:30 CET.


Prof. Dr. med. Frank M. Brunkhorst, Head of the Center for Clinical Trials and the Paul Martini Research Unit “Clinical Septomics” University Hospital Jena, Germany


PD Dr. med. Mahir Karakas, Senior Physician and Head of the Clinical Trial Unit of the Department of General and Interventional Cardiology at the University Heart Center
Hamburg, Germany

PD Dr. med. Christian Stoppe, Clinical specialist and research fellow at the Department of Intensive Care Medicine & Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology, Aachen, Germany

Dr. Matthijs Kox, Assistant Professor and junior principal investigator at the Department of Intensive Care Medicine of Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumcs), Nijimegen, The Netherlands

Link to the Conference